Arbitration Event – The Italian Under 40 Arbitration Group

Nater Dallafior had the great pleasure to host the third edition of the Pranzo Arbitrale, organized by AIA-ArbIt-40 (The Italian Under 40 Arbitration Group), at our offices in Zurich.

Our associate Viola Donzelli, together with Tomás Navarro Blakemore of MLL Legal, delivered an insightful presentation on opening statements. The presentation was followed by an interesting and lively discussion simultaneously taking place in Zurich and in Geneva. The participants in Zurich were then able to keep chatting and connecting over an informal lunch at our firm.

Nater Dallafior thanks Francesca Borio, Davide Colacino, Lukas Innerebner and Pietro Meineri for the succesful organisation of the event.