ICC arbitration – successful representation of claimant in joint venture dispute

Nater Dallafior represents a claimant, a globally active company with headquarters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in arbitration proceedings under the ICC Rules regarding a dispute with a Swiss listed company that arose in connection with a joint venture. The joint venture operates a business that is beneficial to both joint venture partners. The value in dispute is in excess of USD 100 million.

In a first partial award, the arbitral tribunal confirmed jurisdiction over the dispute. In a second partial award, rendered in November 2020, the arbitral tribunal held in favour of Nater Dallafior's client that it had validly exercised its option right under the joint venture agreement and ordered respondent to transfer and assign its shares in the joint venture companies. The valuation of the transferred shares is still outstanding.

The team consists of Roberto Dallafior and Zoe De Santis.