Agency law litigation – successful representation in dispute regarding an iconic classic car

Nater Dallafior successfully represented a client in a litigation concerning the sale and purchase of a rare and valuable classic sports car. After the client, a succesful entrepreneur, sold his classic car for nearly EUR 16 million, a third party, a company specialising in the sale and purchase of classic cars, claimed the payment of a significant commission fee alleging that it had brokered the sale and purchase of the client's classic car. The alleged broker based its claim on a purported agreement. Upon the client's denial of the existence of an agency agreement and the respective refusal to make any payment, the alleged agent sued our client.

Following full-fledged proceedings, including the hearing of witnesses, the court of first instance confirmed the alleged agent's claim for payment. Nater Dallafior's appeal against this judgment proved succesful, resulting in a complete annulment of the adverse judgement and dismissal of the claim for payment.

Nater Dallafior's team consisted of Benjamin Schumacher, Hans Nater and Zoe De Santis.