About the Firm

Nater Dallafior Rechtsanwälte AG was founded in 2006 to realise the vision of an independent law firm specialising in commercial litigation and arbitration. 

As disputes lawyers, we develop strategies for crisis situations and legal disputes and implement these in proceedings and through negotiations. We see ourselves as a first point of contact for critical situations and, if necessary, coordinate teams with other specialists (PR consultants, forensic accountants, domestic and foreign lawyers, operational crisis managers) from our professional network.

Our philosophy

Outstanding quality and a distinctive service culture are at the centre of our firm. We do not blindly follow the masses – we dare to be different. In everything we do, we always ask ourselves one question: Does it benefit our clients?

Our business model is fully integrated allowing us to leverage the combined experience and skills of the entire team. Our teams are designed to be lean yet effective, with our partners actively involved at every stage, ensuring our clients receive a top-tier service.

We are convinced that it is the quality of advice and advocacy, not the volume of lawyer hours, that makes the difference in complex disputes.

Our independence

We exclusively serve the interests of our clients. In our field, this can only be achieved by being completely unbiased and independent. We are independent of any particular industry sector, interest group, political party and the so-called establishment.

As an independent law firm based in Switzerland, we have the liberty to collaborate with any advisor globally. We regularly serve as the central coordinator for all legal representatives involved in a strategy that spans multiple jurisdictions. Our lack of affiliation with any international networks or global offices allows us to partner with the most suitable lawyers for each specific dispute and work alongside our clients' existing advisors worldwide.

Our firm's independence and exclusive focus on dispute resolution enable us to take on cases that many other firms cannot, due to conflicts of interest. We are a preferred firm for conflict referral work, trusted by some of the world's largest law firms to protect their clients' interests. This trust cements our status as premier specialists in dispute resolution.