Commercial & Corporate Litigation

Our firm boasts extensive experience in serving as counsel in commercial and corporate litigations before Swiss courts, in particular commercial courts. Our practice covers a wide range of industries, from traditional sectors such as banking, construction, insurance, energy, real estate and trade to emerging areas such as crypto and fintech. Our firm has always been at the forefront of Swiss litigation winning several landmark cases before the Swiss Federal Supreme Court.  

Our approach to litigation

Our foremost goal is to assist our clients in achieving their strategic goals efficiently, and with a commercial focus. We understand that preventing disputes from arising is often the most advantageous approach for our clients. Nevertheless, we do not shy away from pursuing a matter to the end – relentlessly.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each dispute, we craft a flexible strategy tailored to the specific case, drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience to devise innovative solutions.

Our teams are designed to be effective and lean, with our partners actively involved at every stage, ensuring our clients receive top-tier service. We are convinced that it is the quality of advice and advocacy, not the volume of lawyer hours, that makes the difference in complex disputes.

We are independent and conflict-free

As an independent law firm based in Switzerland, we have the liberty to collaborate with any advisor globally and serve as the central coordinator for all legal representatives involved in a strategy that spans multiple jurisdictions. Our lack of affiliation with any international networks or global offices allows us to partner with the most suitable lawyers for each specific dispute and work alongside our clients' existing advisors worldwide.

Our firm's independence and focus solely on dispute resolution enable us to take on cases that many other firms cannot, due to conflicts of interest. We are a preferred firm for conflict referral work, trusted by some of the world's largest law firms to protect their clients' interests. This trust cements our status as premier specialists in commercial and corporate litigation.

Track Record

  • Representation of an investment company in a post m&a dispute regarding the enforcement of an earn-out arising out of a share purchase agreement for the purchase of an asset management company. 

  • Representation of a manager in a dispute concerning the payment of a significant sign-on bonus agreed with a multinational group of companies. 

  • Representation of a contractor in a dispute concerning the claims for payment in connection with a joint venture agreement. 

  • Representation of a a family-owned and run company concerning the payment of fees for consultancy and brokerage services. 

  • Defending a client in a litigation concerning the sale and purchase of a rare and very precious classic sports car (Ferrari California Sypder Covered Eyes). After the client sold his classic car for a record-breaking price of nearly EUR 16 million, a third party, a company domiciled in Germany, claimed the payment of a significant commission fee for an alleged brokerage of the sale and purchase of the classic car. 

  • Representation of a pharmaceutical company against its insurers with regard to the recovery of liability and defense costs incurred in the underlying US litigation and damages due to liability after the client was served with an US class action lawsuit involving hundreds of plaintiffs. The insurance tower provides for CHF 150 million in coverage. 

  • Representation of an internationally operating bank against three different insurance carriers in three different proceedings. The dispute concerns the bank’s business liability insurance programme. The value in dispute was in excess of CHF 50 million. The underlying liability dispute was in the middle east.

  • Representation of an investment company which is a subsidiary of a global bank in a post m&a dispute regarding claims for the breach of a representation. 

  • Representation of a brokerage company regarding the enforcement of a brokerage fee for the sale of commercial real estate. 

  • Representation of a manager regarding the enforcement of claims arising out of a carried interest pool in the private equity business. 

  • Representation of a corporation and its board of directors in a dispute against a minority shareholder. The litigation concerned the issue whether a minority shareholder (with a 20% participation) can demand the retroactive application of a so-called recognised accounting standard (i.e., IFRS, Swiss GAAP FER, US GAAP or IPSAS). 

  • Representation of a multinational agricultural technology company in litigation against a Dutch indoor farming systems supplier regarding claims under a cooperation agreement. 

  • Representation of a multinational provider of heating element technologies in insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings of a Swiss supplier and in associated litigation against an insurer regarding claims under a surety contract. 

  • Representation of construction company in relation to outstanding payment claims for change orders and defense against penalty claims for alleged delay (CHF 4 million) 

  • Representation of the seller of a mechatronics company in post-M&A dispute relating to earn-out clauses (CHF 6 million) 

  • Defending board member of construction company against director’s liability claim (CHF 4.5 million) 

  • Representation of consultant against crypto start up regarding payment for advisory service in relation to listing on crypto exchange (CHF 3 million) 

  • Representation of commodity trading company against Swiss private bank regarding contested loan repayment due to effects of sanctions and unwarranted currency conversions (CHF 2 million)

  • Representation of a Zurich business hotel in connection with its COVID-19 cancellation policy and related customer claims (CHF 1.8 million) 

  • Representation of a Swiss construction company in disputes with a state-owned client due to alleged deficiencies in construction work (CHF 1.5 million) 

  • Representation of a listed company from the Nordics against their Swiss supplier in a dispute regarding cancellation of a supply agreement (CHF 8.5 million) 

  • Representation of a major insurer in a dispute with a former independent insurance agent (CHF 2.2 million) 

  • Representation of a cyber security company in a dispute with a customer relating to the early termination of a firewall contract 

  • Representation of a European telecommunications company in a dispute with a major competitor (over EUR 1 million)

  • Representation of startup founder in relation to shareholders’ dispute leading to a negotiated exit payment (CHF 3.5 million) 

  • Representation of investor in shareholders’ dispute relating to financing of tech startup and potential merger as well as outstanding payments for advisory services (CHF 9 million)

  • Representation of a GmbH quotaholder in a dissolution dispute (over CHF 1 million) 

  • Representation of a minority shareholder and board-member in a dispute with the majority shareholder 

  • Representation of a shareholder against the company regarding a special audit

  • Representation of a shareholder against the board of directors regarding liability claims

  • Representation of a corporation and its board of directors in a dispute with a minority shareholder. The litigation concerned the issue whether a minority shareholder (with a 20% participation) can demand the retroactive application of a so-called recognised accounting standard (i.e., IFRS, Swiss GAAP FER, US GAAP or IPSAS). 

  • Defending a member of the board of directors in three related liability cases, some of which before the Commercial Court of Zurich and in appeal proceedings before the Swiss Federal Supreme Court. 

Nater Dallafior Rechtsanwälte AG is a dispute resolution boutique focusing on commercial litigation and international arbitration proceedings. They are very experienced in handling corporate and banking disputes. They are one of very few Zurich firms with an exclusive focus on dispute resolution.

Impressive Zurich-based dispute resolution boutique, renowned for its banking and insurance litigation practice. Additional expertise in corporate investigations and white-collar crime cases. Also active in international arbitration, with strong experience of sports arbitration. Client list includes high-profile individuals and multinationals.


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This independent boutique has a strong focus on commercial disputes, including corporate, insurance and employment litigation. It also offers clients seminars on how to avoid litigation and investigations. Recent cases have included post-M&A and D&O liability disputes.


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Nater Dallafior's litigation team is outstanding because they are not only very skilled and experienced litigation specialists but also skilled communicators. In this way, they are able to find all relevant facts to win cases in litigation.

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